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a 100 summers.

when our kite lines first crossed, we tied them into knots and to finally fly apart we had to cut them off.
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DJ Tim Jugla - 39.38 [Saturday the 1st

Downtempo, abstract hip-hop, some Greek tunes, poem by Amiri Baraka mixed with rare groove from 70-s.

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[Saturday the 12th


001. The Replacements - Unsatisfied
002. Social Distortion - Faithless
003. Tim Barry - Exit Wounds
004. Wilco - Kingpin
005. Two Gallants - The Prodigal Son
006. The Riot Before - Uncharted Lands
007. Chris Knight - North Dakota
008. Jessica Lea Mayfield - I'll Be the One You Want Someday
009. The Draft - All We Can Count On
010. Old Crow Medicine Show - James River Blues
011. The Romany Rye - Old Soul
012. Kevin Devine - Alabama Acres
013. Lucero - Here at the Starlite
014. Kind of Like Spitting - We Got as Far as Minnesota
015. Dead Confederate - By Design
016. This Will Destroy You - Burial on the Presidio

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Halloween Mix [Friday the 15th

[ mood | BOO! ]

That time of the year, once again, for the annual Halloween mixer I swap with a friend. This year's offering:

"All I Got Was A Rock"

01. To Make A Witch Pockmarked--Vincent Price
02. I Wanna Be Christopher Lee--Boney Fiend
03. Just Like Bruce Campbell Did--Joe Hero
04. My Vampire--Soho Dolls
05. Nice Day For A Resurrection--Nekromantix
06. Pretty In A Casket--Blitzkid
07. Toil And Trouble--Say Hi
08. Vampire--The Blakes
09. Werewolf--Cat Power
10. Draculina--Alkaline Trio
11. Wolf Blood Honey--The Upsidedown
12. You're A  Wolf--Sea Wolf
13. Zombie--The Trucks
14. All Babes Are Wolves--Spinnerette
15. Bones (Inside Of You)--The Count
16. Boris Karloff--Astrovamps
17. Dead Is The New Alive--Emilie Autumn
18. Evil--Ladytron
19. Spanish Death Song--The Builders and the Butchers

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Cover versions mixtape. [Saturday the 28th

I made this one for a friend, and now I am spreading it over the internet.

This is the track-list-

Mark Lanegan- Tonight,
Afghan whigs- Tonight,
Placebo- Running up that hill,
Kate Bush- Running up that hill,
Anathema- Better off dead,
Bad religion- Better off dead,
Therapy?- Isolation,
Joy division- Isolation,
The gathering- When the sun hits,
Slowdive- When the sun hits,
My dying bride- Roads,
Portishead- Roads,
Katatonia- Nightmares by the sea,
Jeff Buckley- Nightmares by the sea,
Fever Ray- Stranger than kindness,
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds- Stranger that kindness.

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Favorite Dance Party Songs... [Thursday the 5th

OK if you were having a large event or a small event and you wanted to make sure everyone had a good time and EVERYONE danced what would your playlist have to have on it?
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[Tuesday the 3rd


Name: Hannah
Age: 21
Location: Arizona

10 Bands/Artists You Like:
1. She & Him (and M. Ward by himself)
2. Greg Laswell
3. Ingrid Michaelson
4. Schuyler Fisk
5. The Ditty Bops
6. Stars
7. The Weepies
8. The Watson Twins
9. Maroon 5
10. A Fine Frenzy

5 Songs You Love:
1. "You In A Song" by Jason Reeves
2. "Tristan & Iseult" by Tarkio
3. "Sky" by Joshua Radin
4. "Woe" by Say Anything
5. "La Despedida" by Shakira

What You're Listening To Right Now:
1. The album "Good Movie" by Greg Laswell
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[Friday the 9th

[ mood | lethargic ]

A mix I made which is a story, of sorts, inspired by a doodle I did on a blank CD of a bunny with a skull face:

Dead Bunny Poison Carrot Blues

01. Cities In Dust/ Siouxsie & The Banshees
02. Dead Is The New Alive/ Emilie Autumn
03. Stoned/ Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
04. Dead Leaves/ Sambassadeur
05. Ghost/ Fefe Dobson
06. Heavy Cross/ The Gossip
07. Death/ White Lies
08. Cut/ Plumb
09. You're A Wolf/ Sea Wolf
10. Run/ Leona Lewis
11. Frozen/ Girls Under Glass
12. Violet/ Hole
13. Low Red Moon/ Belly
14. All Through The Night/ Cyndi Lauper
15. Eclipse (All Yours)/ Metric
16. Okay, I Feel Better Now/ AFI
17. Fine/ Alkaline Trio

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[Saturday the 24th


Hey guys, new episode of mixtapes&heartaches up this morning, hope you enjoy it. you can go over to http://mixtapesheartaches.podomatic.com/ to listen, download or subscribe via itunes. let me know what you think.


1. The Ataris - For the Last, Last Call
2. Copeland - Pin Your Wings
3. The Stereo - 1994
4. Motion City Soundtrack - Her Words Destroyed My Planet
5. Adam Richman - Broken Glass
6. Northstar - Between Horns and Halos
7. Hot Rod Circuit - Radio Song
8. Lucero - She's Just That Kind of Girl
9. Kevin Devine - No One Else's Problem
10. fun. - The Gambler
11. City and Colour - The Girl
12. Rookie of the Year - Enjoy this Drive
13. Small Towns Burn a Little Slower - Suicide Medicine (Rocky Votolato cover)
14. Alcoholic Faith Mission - Guilty Scared Eyes
15. The Gloria Record - Ode to New Grass
16. Magnolia Electric Co. - Such Pretty Eyes for a Snake (live)
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[Saturday the 17th


Hey guys, new episode of mixtapes&heartaches up this morning, hope you enjoy it. you can go over to http://mixtapesheartaches.podomatic.com/ to listen, download or subscribe via itunes. let me know what you think.


1. Yes Dear - Alright
2. Pavement - Cut Your Hair
3. The One AM Radio - Credible Threats
4. The Anniversary - Never Die Young
5. Veltpunch - Climbs High
6. Liars Academy - A Couch for Your Comfort
7. Army Navy - My Thin Sides
8. Jawbreaker - Do You Still Hate Me?
9. Envy on the Coast - Bad News
10. Solea - Shuffle
11. David Dondero - I've Seen the Love
12. 500 Miles to Memphis - Fireflies
13. Millencollin - Detox
14. The Casket Lottery - Bill and Axe
15. Lydia - Sleep Well
16. Slowreader - So This is It
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Holla atcha boy mixed tape... [Thursday the 15th

I need to work on this playlist, badly. I'd like to make a really good relatively timeless (i'm trying!), feel good, dancish, meaningful but not too gushy playlis for a special person. Good songs you can jam out to but still have a sweetness to it. I love mixed tapes, always have. The special person this list is for never has, nor is he someone who really vocalizes a lot of emotions.

Open to suggestions, i've been working on this playlist for months trying to get it just right but it doesn't flow and it's just not the right mixture of songs. I'm definitely open to song suggestions, order etc. As it stands, after i've been listening to this mix it really starts to annoy the day lights out of me and i don't want that. I don't care if that means i need to do a complete playlist make-over. I'm just coming up blank.

Oh yea, he's a drummer if that helps. He also loves all kinds of music. I tend to listen more to lyrics then he does which is also why i'd like to do this, kinda like a little hidden puzzle.

Bright Eyes- First Day Of My Life
Patrick & Eugene - Don't Stop (possible chop, but i really liked it's upbeat danciness)
The XX- Islands
The Eels- My Beloved Monster
Elefant- Misfit
Department of Eagles- Family Romance
Alexi Murdoch- Love You More (possible chop)
Death Cab for Cutie- I will Follow You into The Dark

Also needs to be longer.

Other songs...
Ben Folds Five- The Luckiest
Built to Spill- Amsterdam<-- I'm down for suggestions :), he's a big fan
Erykah Badu- So In Love with You
Slightly Stoopid-
Band of Horses
Band of Bees
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