Dutchess (cmonbella) wrote in ohsomixtape,

Holla atcha boy mixed tape...

I need to work on this playlist, badly. I'd like to make a really good relatively timeless (i'm trying!), feel good, dancish, meaningful but not too gushy playlis for a special person. Good songs you can jam out to but still have a sweetness to it. I love mixed tapes, always have. The special person this list is for never has, nor is he someone who really vocalizes a lot of emotions.

Open to suggestions, i've been working on this playlist for months trying to get it just right but it doesn't flow and it's just not the right mixture of songs. I'm definitely open to song suggestions, order etc. As it stands, after i've been listening to this mix it really starts to annoy the day lights out of me and i don't want that. I don't care if that means i need to do a complete playlist make-over. I'm just coming up blank.

Oh yea, he's a drummer if that helps. He also loves all kinds of music. I tend to listen more to lyrics then he does which is also why i'd like to do this, kinda like a little hidden puzzle.

Bright Eyes- First Day Of My Life
Patrick & Eugene - Don't Stop (possible chop, but i really liked it's upbeat danciness)
The XX- Islands
The Eels- My Beloved Monster
Elefant- Misfit
Department of Eagles- Family Romance
Alexi Murdoch- Love You More (possible chop)
Death Cab for Cutie- I will Follow You into The Dark

Also needs to be longer.

Other songs...
Ben Folds Five- The Luckiest
Built to Spill- Amsterdam<-- I'm down for suggestions :), he's a big fan
Erykah Badu- So In Love with You
Slightly Stoopid-
Band of Horses
Band of Bees
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