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Halloween Mix

That time of the year, once again, for the annual Halloween mixer I swap with a friend. This year's offering:

"All I Got Was A Rock"

01. To Make A Witch Pockmarked--Vincent Price
02. I Wanna Be Christopher Lee--Boney Fiend
03. Just Like Bruce Campbell Did--Joe Hero
04. My Vampire--Soho Dolls
05. Nice Day For A Resurrection--Nekromantix
06. Pretty In A Casket--Blitzkid
07. Toil And Trouble--Say Hi
08. Vampire--The Blakes
09. Werewolf--Cat Power
10. Draculina--Alkaline Trio
11. Wolf Blood Honey--The Upsidedown
12. You're A  Wolf--Sea Wolf
13. Zombie--The Trucks
14. All Babes Are Wolves--Spinnerette
15. Bones (Inside Of You)--The Count
16. Boris Karloff--Astrovamps
17. Dead Is The New Alive--Emilie Autumn
18. Evil--Ladytron
19. Spanish Death Song--The Builders and the Butchers
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